NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best Jumpshot For 6'1, 6'9 & 7'3 (2024)

Are you guys looking for the best jumpshot for NBA 2K23 season 7? Today, no matter what build you got, thesmall builds and the big builds, we’re going to drop some NBA 2K23 season 7 best jumpshots for thecenters. We got you the best NBA 2K23 season 7 jumpshots for 6’1 to 6’9 and all the way to 7’3.

NBA 2K23 Best Season 7 Jumpshots For All Builds - Top 6 Best Jumpshots For 6'1, 6'9 & 7'3 In 2K23

In this NBA 2K23 season 7 jumpshots guide, not only youare going to get the best bases and thebest releases in the game, but also you'regoing to get a few custom jumpshots. If you're going to use the best fade, we recommend youuse Devin Booker, or Trae Young or youcan use normal. Those are the top 3 fades to end the game or you canmess around with the pro 2. When it comes to releases, you will know that release is a very important thing. The base is the main thing but the release is also come in handy too. Now it actually matters because you need the stats. Now, we talk about the top 6 best NBA 2K23 jumpshots 6'1, 6'9 and 7'3.

1.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’5 - 6’9 Jumpshots

Base - LaMelo Ball

Release 1 - Oscar Robertson

Release 2 - Nikola Jovic

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 94% Oscar Robertson, 6% Nikola Jovic

2.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’5 - 6’9 Jumpshots

Base - Tracy McGrady

Release 1 - Saddiq Bey

Release 2 - Rudy Gay

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 60% Saddiq Bey, 40% Rudy Gay

This best jumpshot NBA 2K23 season 7 is nasty work based on how you likeyour jump shots. It's a fast jumpshot, it's a cool smooth fast jumpshot.

3.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’5 - 6’9 Jumpshots

Base - LaMelo Ball

Release 1 - Oscar Robertson

Release 2 - Rudy Gay

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 55% Oscar Robertson, 45% Rudy Gay

We've been using this jump shot sincepatch 1 and it's still been working. The LaMelo Ball,Oscar Robinson, Rudy Gaycombo. You can go 60% and 40% or you can go 55% and 45%. You can even go 65% and 35%, it's just based onhow you shoot. As for your jump shot time, you can use late jump shot timing, but youcan also use these early. We recommendearly or late that was the only two we recommend when it comes to using thesecustom jump shots.

NBA 2K23 Best Bases For 6’5 - 6’9

1.LaMelo Ball

As of the best bases in the game for the6’5 all the way to 6’9, wegot LaMelo Ball base. One of the bestbases even from the beginning of theyear is still chicken. It's very smooth, but certainpeople don't like it.

2.Harrison Barnes

This is a newer base. It is a cool smooth base, it's a quick little spot-up base. It's somewhat like KPJ but it got alittle bit tweaked to it.

3.Oshae Brissett

Oshae Brissett isa tallversion of Curry that's really what itis. If you want Curry based on a build that got an 81 three-pointer, use Oshae Brissett.

4.Alex Burks

A lot of people sleep on it. It's like a base knobfrom the old 2Ks but it's actually asmooth base to use and there's somethingdifferent to mess around with.

5.Jimmy Butler

This is the base in season 4, alot of people want to sleep on it. But it is very hard tocontest with Jimmy Butler. Thismay be one of the hardest jump shots tocontest in the game.

6.Clyde Drexler

When it comes to Clyde Drexler, it's avery smooth up and down jump shot. Youcan shoot off the dribble and you canshoot good base with it. Even it's justa good catch and shoot jump shot ingeneral.

7.Kevin Durant

KevinDurant, DeMar DeRozan, and T-Macare all the same. The only thing that's going to be alittle bit different is the hitch theygot on T-Macversus Kevin Durant andDeMar DeRozan.

8.Rui Hachimura

As for messingaround with it, it was smooth.

9.Tobias Harris

You really put something nasty with it. Tobias Harris isa clean-up and down jump shot, catch and shoot, off the dribble. It is clean!

10.Kyle Kuzma

Youknow the OG jumpshot, the Kyle Kuzma. The patch one, day one jumpshot base that everybody was using. Nothing wrong with this base, but there are way better andfaster ones you can use on thislist.

11.Isaac Okoro

This base is somewhatlike a LaMarcusAldridge, like Oshae Brissettmixed with a little StephenCurry or it's a mix of all three ofthose with this base. Once you mess with the actualbases on this game, you will see there area lot of bases and releases that a lot ofpeople are sleeping on. But out of thosebases, those are some of the best basesin the game.

NBA 2K23 Best Releases For 6’5 - 6’9

1.Saddiq Bey

Saddiq Beyis maybe one of the best releases youcould throw on your jump shot if you are 6’5 all the way to 6’9. Saddiq Bey likes the new RudyGay. It's so smooth when youshoot this as a primary jump shotrelease. If youdon't put Saddiq Bey on releaseone, you're missing out.

2.Devin Booker

This year'sDevin Booker's release is just nice. Almosteverything in the game this year is niceincluding his jump shot, his dribble moves, his stepback and everything you put onDevin Booker is nice.

3.Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s release is nice. It's always been anice release as a secondary or primaryrelease.

4.Rudy Gay

You can't forget the OGjump shot, you can't forget the OGrelease, and that release is Rudy Gay's release. Both his base and his release are good.

5.Nikola Jovic

Nikola Jovic isa new release. This is a great release tohave as your secondary. So you want touse it as your secondary release, notyour primary. It is a great secondaryespecially with mixed with Saddiq Bey.

6.Kyle Korver

KyleKorver is a release one, an actual release, not no release two. Release oneis the best to use for Kyle Korver.

7.Oscar Robertson

A lot of you fromthe beginning of the game are still usingOscar Robinson, it still works.

4.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’1 - 6’4 Jumpshot

Base - LaMelo Ball

Release 1 - Oscar Robertson

Release 2 - John Wall

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 60% Oscar Robertson, 40% Rudy Gay

This is the best 2K23 jumpshot season 6’1 to 6’4. It’s reliable. The second release is JohnWall and you got max speed, 60% 40%, OscarRobertson, and John Wall. You could do 55% 45% or even 65% 35%.

5.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’1 - 6’4 Jumpshot

Base - Kevin Porter Jr.

Release 1 - Oscar Robertson

Release 2 - John Wall

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 60% Oscar Robertson, 40% Rudy Gay

This isthe KPR jump shot. We douse late, and this is how it'sblended 60% and 40%, John Wall and Oscar Robertson. It is a good jump shot to use.

6.NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best 6’1 - 6’4 Jumpshot

Base - Stephen Curry

Release 1 - Oscar Robertson

Release 2 - Stephen Curry

Release Speed - 100%

Animation Blending - 70% Oscar Robertson, 30% Rudy Gay

We would prefer LaMelo or the StephenCurry release like this one. StephenCurry, Oscar Robinson, Stephen Curry, 70% Oscar, 30% Curry, and max speed. We use this onlate.

NBA 2K23 Best Bases for 6’1 - 6’4

The best bases for point guards, there'ssomething for everybody. It doesn'tmatter if you got a 99 three-pointers, 92three-pointers, 85 three-pointerseven 83three-pointers,even lower than that, there'ssomething for you.

1.LaMelo Ball

Thefirst best base for 6’1 to 6’4, it's going to beLaMelo Ball.

2.Jalen Brunson

Hisbase is very nice but LaMelo Ballis more consistent.

3.Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry isreliable and this is what a lot of people usein the beginning game with those 92three-pointers.

4.Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is very similar to Stephen Curry. Kyle Lowry's base isvery similar to John Marant'sbase. It's alittle bit different, one got a twist inthe body and one doesn't. But the jumpshots are very similar and the cues aresomewhat similar as well. But we will kickthe Kyle Lowry base over John Marant.

5.Kevin Porter Jr.

This is the one that's been used themost right now from competitive guards, competitive anybody that's playing stage, pro-am even the rec. Most of the time you see this butit's mostly going to be a good guardusing this Kevin Porter Jr.jump shot because it isvery fast.

6.JJ Redick

This is themost recent updated base. JJ Redick is somewhat close to Curry butit's a little bit different. It is smooth,you just have to find a nice upper touse on this and you will be good to go.

7.Kemba Walker

Kemba Walkeris somewhat closeto LaMelo's actual jump shot. It's just alittle bit added at the bottom for atwist when he ends up landing.

NBA 2K23 Best Releases for 6’1 - 6’4

1. Stephen Curry

You usethis as a secondary or a primary. Butusually, most people use this as asecondary release, not their primaryrelease. It's something about havingCurry as your secondary release, itdefinitely helps your jump shot get tothose A pluses.

2. Darius Garland

This isthe one that makes your jump shot alittle bit faster when it comes toshooting the ball and fades. It's going to be a few of these jump shots in herethat aregoing to end up doing that.

3. Zach Levine

Thesame thing with Zach Levine. Zach Levineis somewhat close to like Saddiq Bey.SoSaddiq Beyis usually going to be used asa primary, but you can use Zach Lavine asa primary or secondary release. We prefer using Zach Levine as a primarybecause it is a fast upper release.

4. Oscar Robinson

Oscar Robinson isreliable. At the beginning of theyear, everybody was using Oscar Robinson. This release you can't go wrong with it. If you want to end up messing with thisjust to get the little height on yourjump shot and the speed and get the A's, use this.

5. John Wall

But as for a secondary releaseon a jump shot, we prefer using John Wallas the last secondary jump shot. Use JohnWall's release as the secondary. If you likeRudy Gay's release as your secondary, useit. This is one of the best thingsyou can use.

6. Trae Young

A lot ofpeople use Trae Youngas a primary. Using KPJ base andthis TraeYoung, somebody just found a secondrelease and they end up having a jumpshot for guards.

NBA 2K23 Best Bases for 6’10 & Up

Sincewe looked out for the NBA 2K23 best jumpshot season 7 for 6’5 to 6’9, we looked out for thelittle guards. Now we have to look out for the big man, 6’11 all theway to 7’3. These are thebases that you're going to mess with.

1.Chris Bosh

Base Chris Bosh is one of the bestbases in the game for a center. It doesn'tmatter what you are like, you don't evenhave to have a high three-point ratingor mid-range rating, even to use these. Chris Bosh is one of the bestones. You get a plus stats and all youhave to do is just change the jump shotspeed, even if you use pure Bosh, that's upto you.

2.Oshae Brissett

Thebest base is literally O'SheaBrissette because it's like Curry in thecenter. O'Shea Brissetteand then you gotChris Bosh, those are the only two thatyou really should be messing with. As for Giannis, you have to find some good upper releases.

3.Kevin Durant

Some ofyou might not like it but Kevin DurantBase especially on the center, that's going tobe spotting up and doing catch and shoot, it's just thesame as T-Mac and DeMar DeRozan. But ifyou never experienced that, it's a goodbase. You just have to find great upper releases.

NBA 2K23 Best Releases for 6’10 & Up

1.Tim Duncan

Having Tim Duncan as your primaryrelease is a good thing. Tim Duncan’srelease this year is so smooth to use onthese big builds.

2.Dirk Nowitzki

You can also use Dirk asyour primary or secondary. As your primary jump shot is goingto be a little bit slower but you have ahigh arcing shot.

3.Kelly Olynyk

If you're looking for something below, Kelly Olynyk is a good release as a primary or secondary. It does speedup your jump shot.

4.Marquese Chriss

Marquese Chrissisis nice. A lot of people use it as asecondary, sometimes they use a primary. But they do Tim Duncan and Marquese Chrissas a combination.

With all thesejumpshots, all thebases, and all the releases we gave you today, you should be able to find a good jumpshot in NBA 2K23 season 7! If you need fast and cheap NBA 2K23 MT, is a reliable NBA 2K MT store online!

NBA 2K23 Season 7 Best Jumpshot For 6'1, 6'9 & 7'3 (2024)
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